Alcatraz is spanish for "pelican", the state bird of Louisiana, where I'm from.  It's the second LP I’ve worked on in my life, 10 originals and a Thin Lizzy cover.  We recorded it in the spring/summer of 2018 in Nashville TN.   It's pure, unadulterated rock and roll.  We recorded most of the record in the house I lived in, when I first moved to Nashville January 1st, 2011.  The Hackberry house. 

Other than helping my brother clean the then air bnb he was running (unbeknownst to the landlords), I hadn’t been back in that house in a while, the upright piano my ex girlfriend gave me was still in there, I was still getting mail there, I learned that songwriting is a muscle there, I got better at piano there, I got the escape I was looking for at the time, at that house. 

When the time came to budget out places to record, even the cheapest studios got out my price range quickly, so I asked David Borné, my brother, if I could use the place for 5 days, for free.  I did 3 months of pre-production with Matt (drums) and Kevin Nolan (bass) and we got in there and busted out 11 songs in 5 days.  My buddy Aslan Freeman engineered, mixed and co-produced it, we did overdubs in his bedroom down the street from the Hackberry house.  

We had a blast making the record, we recorded until we were too drunk to record, I cooked some pastalaya, grilled burgers and before we knew it, it was over.  4 months later, in the middle of recording overdubs, David got rid of the house, I gave away my piano, and the guitar I recorded most of the record on, a 1970-something Epiphone EA-255, caved in on itself and was deemed irreparable.  I’m still pretty sad about all these distantly sentimental things crumbling right in front of me, but I’m also realizing that these things aren’t meant to last, none of this is.  So I’m just glad we had the moments, made the noise and got it recorded when we did.