I’m 32, originally from Plaquemine, Louisiana (just outside of Baton Rouge).  I play rock and roll, and some bluesy shit too.  

My dad Harold Bell Martin Jr., taught me how to play guitar at age 5.  Having the patience of a 5 year old, I didn’t really catch on until I was 14.  As soon as I got good enough to play “Free Bird”, I spent 11 years playing dive bars and casinos with cover bands throughout the Southeast.  Had tons of fun, too much probably.  I started to realize playing other people's songs, while educational, drained my sould.  I started focusing on writing my own songs and moved to Nashville in 2011.  I had a friend in Nashville, so I came to visit him and instantly fell in love with the place.  The second time I visited, I found a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house in East Nashville, near Rosepepper.  

After the move, I didn’t really have a purpose or drive aside from getting drunk, writing songs and starting over.  With the move I released my first EP called “First Sign of Light”.  Not my best work, but at the time, those songs meant something to me.  2011 flew by and before I knew it, I lost my job, and had some family drama I needed to help with, so I moved back.  

It broke my heart, leaving Nashville.  I resented every day I didn’t live there, I fell into a angsty pit of drugs and drinking.  My best friends and I recorded a full length album called “The Blackout Sessions”, inspired by life at the time.  The studio I worked at did foley for movies and got me a placement in a straight to TV christian film (I don’t consider myself a christian artist in any way shape or form).  But because of that, the record did ok.  In turn, I got to open for these folks:  Marc Broussard, The Whigs, Turnpike Troubadours.  Aside from that, 2012-2014 were some dark times for old J-bird (that’s what I call myself in my head).  I needed a re-boot.  

Early 2014, I got a management deal from a buddy in the metal industry and his boss, they funded an EP called “Welcome Home”.  I toured on it for a little while, but ultimately, nothing happened because I didn't know what I was doing, and neither did my manager.  I got out of the management deal, paid them back what they fronted me, and moved back to Nashville.  

Two years later, after writing a ton of songs, I feel like I have 10 good ones that I plan on putting out in the fall of this year.  That’s my story thus far.  Thanks for reading

-Jason Charles Martin